Canoeing sports tour

Nepal is known for the second richest country in the source of water and there are many adventurous sports tours which can be done within the area of Nepal. Canoeing sports tour is a thrilling adventure gives body and mind experiences of adventure. You can also enjoy watching many kinds of colourful birds, including kingfisher and if you are lucky can even see rhinos and tiger that come river bank to drink water. The thrilling sporty adventure is available in almost all the rivers which flow through national parks, conserved area, and religious spots. Nepal is a country full of strong current rivers, waterfalls, and a vertical hill is the best destinations for adventurous sports. In this small country, there are 16 rivers which are very much suitable for this tour. You can also witness several types of rituals being performed by the side of the river. It is considered as total wilderness adventure tour covering scenic landscapes, impressive hilly terrains, lush green forests, and flora, and fauna of this wonderful land. Experience majestic waterfalls, rock slides, and giant jumping rocks that land you in pristine pools of turquoise water and they are the ever flowing and inspiring source of the beauty, abundance and infinite adventure. We can experience the thrill and excitement of travelling down the creeks or streams of rivers.

Canoeing sports tour is one of the most adventurous sports tours within the area of Nepal. In Nepal trekking is the ultimate way to explore and experience the incomparable local and culture and thrilling beauty and splendours of the high Himalayan. From them, the tour is one of the most popular activities which can be done within the territory of Nepal. Nowadays it is being popular all over the world and in some area of Nepal, this kind of activates is done with full safety. The sport is finally found a natural home in the highest mountain range in the world. There are lots of adventurous sports tours which can be done within the area of Nepal and from them; this tour in Nepal is growing in popularity. It can also be enjoyed with other adventure like rafting, swimming, fishing, boating, etc. The spot of this tour is simply challenging rivers, therefore, canoeing gears and other technologies are quality determined. You will slowly pass the shores of the rivers which are full of amazing crocodile and birds. The rivers have the necessary features for these sports in water with demanding options for select. This can also be of various levels depending upon the interest and skill of the adventurer.